Matthew Johnson

“Google Print” fuels copyright concerns

Google Inc. is under fire for scanning and digitizing books under the Google Print Library Project, an act that opponents of the Internet search giant consider a violation of copyright law. Five major publishers were named as plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed against Google in October by the Association of American Publishers. The suit, intended […]

Public universities losing state support

Taxpayer support of public higher education has dwindled more since 2001 than at any time in the last 20 years, the New York Times reported recently. The drop has led some education officials to use the term “privatization” to describe the trend affecting public universities, but even educators who refuse to label the transformation this […]

Victims of 1939 research escape legal quagmire

Iowa’s Supreme Court ruled 4-3 late last month that victims of a controversial, 66-year-old study could sue the University of Iowa, citing the state’s own legislation as support for its decision. The 1939 “Monster Study,” as the experimenters came to call it, was led by a professor and graduate student who hypothesized that children would […]

Students overestimate peer alcohol use, study finds

A majority of college students overestimate the alcohol consumption of their peers, according to a new study. The study, published in Journal of Studies on Alcohol, found that over 70 percent of 76,000 college students at 130 U.S. colleges and universities overestimate the alcohol consumption of their peers. Such misperceptions effect individual alcohol consumption, according […]

‘Secure’ from past mistakes

Much has already been written of Virginia Commonwealth University’s new addition to its repertoire of options for undergraduate degrees, but not much has been said on how a new degree in homeland security and emergency preparedness fits in with the American value system, as anchored by the Constitution and its emphasis on liberty and limitations. […]

Katrina aid would benefit online students

A new bill meant to ease the burden of New Orleans-area college students displaced by Hurricane Katrina is drawing controversy from some within higher education. In response to the destruction caused by Katrina, Sen. Michael Enzi, R-Wyo., introduced the Hurricane Katrina Education Relief Act two weeks ago to provide immediate relief to schools in Louisiana, […]

Ex-admissions official fights recruiting practices

It’s almost that time of year again when some high school seniors apply to colleges through the “early decision” process, making binding commitments to attend a single school if that school admits them. But according to former admissions officer Lloyd Thacker, early decision enrollments and other aspects of admissions to American universities are symptoms of […]