Matthew J. Curry

The Ladies Man adds to the list of SNL movie flops

A Night at the Roxbury. It’s Pat. Stuart Saves His Family. Superstar . Do any of these movies ring a bell? They were all misguided attempts at bringing Saturday Night Live sketches and characters to life. With few exceptions, such as Blues Brothers and Wayne’s World, these films are almost always doomed from the start. […]

Taking the Bait

There is a cycle occurring among some young, black male actors. They begin in a comedic series on television, then move up to some mediocre action film, in which they play the hero while still making the wise cracks that made them famous in the first place. After that they graduate, hopefully, to more serious […]

Lack of definitive plot plagues Timecode 2000

Remember the choose-your-own-adventure books that were really popular when our generation was younger? If you picked the right paths, you would get decent little stories all revolving around the same theme. Attempting to read the book linearly would probably result in an incoherent mess and a headache. Timecode 2000 (Screen Gems), the new directorial effort […]

Julia Roberts helps bolster mediocre Erin Brockovich

According to Fortune magazine, Julia Roberts is the most powerful celebrity in Hollywood. She is the only actress that can command a $20-million salary and for good reason. Her films routinely bring in more than $100 million dollars, the benchmark for economic success in the motion picture industry. But Roberts is not infallible. People only […]

Independent films gain popularity among the masses

It started in 1992, with a small-time, fundamentally well-told story of a bungled robbery. Disturbingly realistic and told in an engaging, non-linear style, independent films spread like wildfire through word of mouth and positive critical reviews. The film is Reservoir Dogs, and the movement it founded brought on the rise of independent cinema. Despite its […]

Minor problems detract from The Hurricane

A common debate has existed in Hollywood during the last decade – when a film is based on a true story, how much fact does the film actually contain? This same problem applies to director Norman Jewison’s latest film, The Hurricane (Universal). It is based on the life of one-time welterweight champion Ruben Hurricane Carter […]

The Messenger transforms legendary tale into mockery

There are a few definitions in popular culture of a sell-out. One definition refers to an artist producing a work purely for the sake of financial rewards. In The Messenger: The Story Joan of Arc (Columbia Pictures), the term sell-out definitely can be applied. The creative team behind the film, including director Luc Besson, has […]

Basketball Preview: Elisa Aguilar ready to be senior leader

Senior guard Elisa Aguilar is the consummate basketball player. There isn’t anything she can’t do on the court. Her natural talent, combined with a sheer determination to improve on every aspect of her game, makes her a tremendous force. I want to do everything I can to help this team, Aguilar said. Anyone can look […]