Matt Ingoglia

Matt Ingoglia: Relieving the burden of GCRs

Next to class registration and housing hassles, there are few aspects of the GW experience I believe garner more negative sentiments than the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences’ General Curriculum Requirements. With many of the school’s students pursuing multiple majors and minors with their own strenuous workloads, the additional need to take 42 credits […]

Matt Ingoglia: Confronting controversial aims

Sometime last week, while I was putting off writing papers and studying for upcoming midterms, I noticed a Facebook event invitation awaiting my response. Now, these events typically fall into two categories: random club meetings I don’t want to attend, or happy hours that I can’t attend (I turn 21 today, so keep those coming). […]

Matt Ingoglia: Election losers have winning ideas

Another February, another bitterly contested SA election. Assuming the JEC sifts through the alleged mountain of violations and does not disqualify anybody, Jason Lifton will ascend to the presidency by a margin of about 51 to 49 percent, and EVP candidates Logan Dobson and Rob Maxim will advance to a runoff from a race where […]

Matt Ingoglia: Don’t underestimate student initiative

The month of February holds tremendous significance for GW’s aspiring politicos and campaign managers. With the Student Association elections mere weeks away, our campus will soon look less like a university and more like a swing state. Candidates will shout from the roofs of strategically parked cars, palm cards will litter the streets, and caffeine-fueled […]

Matt Ingoglia: Living up to our core beliefs

If you’re like me and get to live on campus with your best friends, you can’t wait to get back to your room after a long day of classes, internships or errands. There’s just something about relaxing with your roommates that helps assuage your anxiety and puts you in a better mood. That feeling of […]

Matt Ingoglia: Wishful thinking

Like many of you, I wasn’t altogether surprised when I flipped to Monday’s Hatchet opinions section and found my friend Andrew Clark penning his latest obituary of the Democratic Party. Though I usually enjoy his writing and often find his points at least defensible, I found his analysis of last week’s elections breathtakingly misleading. Lets […]

Matt Ingoglia: The art of respectful disagreement

There are many aspects of GW culture so commonplace we tend to take them for granted. For example, registering for classes is always going to be an ordeal. Finding study space in Gelman is always going to be difficult. Sirens and motorcades are always going to interrupt your elusive slumber. And some people are always […]

Matt Ingoglia: Make Blackboard mandatory

How many times has something like this happened to you? You wake up one morning feeling absolutely awful – some illness has hit you like a ton of bricks – and there’s no way you can even get out of bed, let alone make it to your classes. Though you’re terrified it might be swine […]

Matt Ingoglia: Will the real Bob McDonnell please stand up?

Do you view working women as “detrimental” to the family? Have thoughts of unmarried couples buying contraceptives kept you up at night? Oh, and don’t you just hate how the government prioritizes those pesky “cohabitators, homosexuals, and fornicators” over husbands and wives? If you answered in the affirmative to any of those questions, you’d love […]