Matt Grifferty

Matt Grifferty: Credit where credit’s due

After President-elect Barack Obama’s victory this fall, CNN political commentator Donna Brazile stated that his election was propelled by one constituency: the youth vote – the college kids who came out in numbers for Obama. Yet as the inauguration approaches, it’s becoming clear that this pivotal group will be underrepresented at the culmination of their […]

Matt Grifferty: Protecting the huddled masses

As the cold weather sets in, it is hard to grasp where the empathy has gone. After walking a friend to a work-study job last Thursday, I was met by music at Franklin Square on 13th and K streets. A large crowd of people had gathered, some with signs, some shouting and others just looking […]

Matt Grifferty: The Facebook generation vs. the baby boomers

CNN contributor Donna Brazile came to the Jack Morton Auditorium on Monday and lauded our generation as being the modern catalyst for change. Her words were powerful, passionate and akin to the praise given to baby boomers of the 1960s. Yet when our respective generations are compared, we are criticized for not being as motivated […]