Matt Berger

High court hears student fees case

The Supreme Court heard debate Tuesday on whether mandatory student fees at state universities should support student organizations promoting political beliefs. The case, Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin vs. Southworth, stems from a University of Wisconsin-Madison complaint that student fees are used to promote liberal organizations, and students who do not support […]

Too little, too late for SA president

Too little, too late. Let me sum up the impeachment hearing of Student Association President Phil Meisner with those four words. For those of you who found better things to do at 3 a.m., that is all you really need to know. More than 10 times during his testimony Wednesday morning, Student Association President Phil […]

MVC professors to fight GW in legal battle

Depositions will begin next week in a civil case filed by 13 former professors of Mount Vernon College, who say GW violated their contracts when the University took over the college’s academic programs. We feel that tenure is a contract, and therefore Mount Vernon College had certain contractual obligations, said Monica Heppel, a former associate […]

When hate came home

The people who knew Matthew Shepard are turning his death into a stepping stone in the battle for gay rights one year after the beating of the gay University of Wyoming student. A year ago this week, Shepard became a symbol for the gay rights crusade after he was attacked in Laramie, Wyo., Oct. 7, […]

Murder ignited activism, fears for gay students

Matthew Shepard’s death one year ago galvanized human rights activists across the country, but it had a special impact on gay college students, said Josh Meyer, Administrative Chair for GW Pride, a student group that advocates for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students. “His murder raised awareness of the reality of hate crimes in both […]

SA president lacks enthusiasm

In my previous life as a “newsie,” I had to go to a lot of Student Association Senate meetings. I probably have been to more of those meetings than half of the current SA senators, not to mention the current president. Maybe that is why I am so perplexed by what has been going on […]

At the Millennium: Race

With the millennium approaching, it is a time for many people to look at where they have been and where they are going. Throughout the school year, The GW Hatchet will be exploring different aspects of the University community, how it is changing and what the future holds, through a continuing series: “At the Millennium: […]

GW financial aid is Y2K OK’d

GW’s computers are ready for the turn of the century despite nationwide concerns about the effect the Year 2000 computer problem will have on college and university student-aid services, University officials said. Education Secretary Richard Riley said earlier this month many colleges and universities are not ready for the expected Y2K problem. He said student-aid […]

Textbook shortage frustrates students

Long lines and empty bookshelves have been common at the GW Bookstore during the school year’s first week. “It’s not just that you can’t find the books you need,” sophomore Gerome Rothman said. “It’s the long lines as well. Shopping here is a truly annoying experience.” Steve Duesterhaus, manager of the GW Bookstore, said filling […]