Marshal Staggs

Sex Column: Girls: be original and don’t be afraid

I came to GW from a military school, where the guy-to-girl ratio was about 8-to-1 and everyone was forced to wear khaki uniforms. When I walked into my first class at GW, my focus wasn’t on the fact that I was awake at an unmentionable hour of the morning. It was only about the girls. […]

Sex Column: Measuring up

We live in a superficial world where sexual skill is often based on dubious criteria. Many men assume that the hotter their partner is, the better the sex will be. I’m sure many heterosexual women believe the same thing. But when it comes down to it, physical characteristics are pretty poor indicators of how sex […]

Sex Column: Going for the ‘DO’

Web Extra The female orgasm is a topic that I think should never be closed for discussion. So when I received a set of DVDs to review from a sex research company that had read my column about the female orgasm, I was excited to see another take on the subject The Welcomed Consensus has […]

Sex Column: Figuring out the female orgasm

There are things about sex that are simple. Kissing, oral and penetration are all pretty basic. Sure, they all require some amount of skill but they are things that, with enough practice, anyone can do well. But there are a couple things that do not happen for everyone, and forcing the issue just makes worse. […]

Sex Column: Losing your virginity

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you went to high school. And if you went to a high school, especially a public one, you may have had to sit through some kind of seminar where you were asked to make a pledge to hang on to your virginity until you were married. […]

Sex Column: Feeling cheated

Upon observing the behavior of a few of my friends, I reached the conclusion that the average college student is absolutely terrified of being cheated on. We all know that it happens and there’s a good chance we’ve been directly involved. Enrollment in college is essentially the world’s best excuse for promiscuity, and even if […]