Marissa Bialecki

Greek Brief: Multicultural Greek Week finishes with Golden Explosion

The Alpha Phi Alpha and Lambda Upsilon Lambda fraternities, in conjunction with the Lambda Pi Chi sorority, will host their sixth annual Golden Explosion event this Saturday, capping off a week’s worth of Multicultural Greek Council events. Named the Golden Explosion because each Greek-letter group sponsor considers gold one of its official colors, the event […]

Thefts highlight dorm security

On any given night, getting into a residence hall on campus is as easy as muttering “open sesame” at the doors. With a little luck, time and a friendly face, gaining access to a hall is alarmingly simple. Such simplicity in residence hall security seemed evident last week after a juvenile male was able to […]

UPD arrests suspect for residence hall thefts

A five-day long crime wave in Ivory Tower and New Hall ended Wednesday afternoon when the University Police Department apprehended a juvenile male in the Medical Faculty Associates building on Pennsylvania Avenue. UPD stepped up its investigation Wednesday afternoon to catch the alleged thief, who they identified from residence hall security cameras and eyewitness accounts. […]

Greek Brief: GW to officially approve a fraternity’s return to campus

The Sigma Chi fraternity will become a University-recognized chapter at its initiation ceremony this weekend. The Epsilon chapter has been working to be reinstated since February 2006, when the University approved the fraternity’s return to campus. During the ceremony on Sept. 16 at the Grand Hyatt at Metro Center, the chapter’s members will receive its […]

Kalb named a Welling fellow

GW added another distinguished scholar to its list of James Clark Welling presidential fellows – Marvin Kalb, former award-winning television correspondent and host of the Kalb Report. The University appointed Kalb as its first Welling presidential fellow of the academic year in early August. Since 1994, Kalb has hosted 56 public affairs forums at the […]

University wins technology award

Computer World magazine recognized GW for its secure wireless networking practices and its efforts to protect the network from external intrusions with a “Best Practices in Mobile & Wireless,” said Alexa Kim, executive director of ISS Technology Services. “GW’s requirement for VPN (virtual private network) usage is unusual for a wireless deployment,” Kim wrote in […]

Huebner plans to revamp SMPA

After a little more than one year on the job, Director of the School of Media and Public Affairs Lee Huebner has already left his mark on the school’s long-term goals, curriculum and students. Two such long-term goals, Huebner said, are to prepare students for a climate of quickly and drastically changing media and to […]

Student promotes local activism

While most GW students might watch CNN or peruse a copy of The Washington Post to get their fill of pressing social issues, junior James Jones does more. Jones, the spokesperson for the Philadelphia-based Youth Action, handles the group’s public relations and tries to encourage young African-Americans to be more politically aware. “Being actively involved […]

Delta Tau Delta fraternity to return in fall 2008

The Gamma Eta chapter of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity will return to campus in the fall of 2008 after an absence of more than three years, a spokesperson for the fraternity said. When the chapter returns, an expansion team of three to four chapter leadership consultants from the fraternity’s national office will begin the […]