Marisa Kabas

Mimicking minstrels

Correction appended With his face coated in black paint and his mouth encircled in red lipstick, Omari Daniels harkens back to an often-forgotten and racist practice in American history. As of late, the black freshman has made his presence known on campus by dressing in blackface for the entirety of Black History Month to spread […]

Your favorite spring break…

“When I was abroad in Sydney, some friends and I chose to go to Thailand for spring break. I loved it. I always wanted to go to that area. It’s the most different place I’ve ever been to.”Samara Lender, senior “We were in Barcelona, and we went to Dublin during spring break for St. Patrick’s […]

Dropping school for rock and roll

Some college students dream of leaving school and touring with a band. Others, like Louie Diller, simply go for it. Until spring 2008, Diller was a GW student in the Elliott School of International Affairs, with a concentration in international affairs and a minor in jazz studies. But instead of returning for his sophomore year, […]

Dealing with disabilities

Sophomore Cece Black is a typical student: She enjoys hanging out with her friends, she lived in Thurston Hall last year, she is part of a sorority and, like any good Colonial, she participates in a number of student organizations. But one aspect visually sets her apart: a wheelchair. When Black was 16, she and […]

A Royal Race

Correction appended Senior Paul Rozenberg donned his six-inch, patent leather platform heels in a Dupont Circle alley on Tuesday for what might have been one of the last times. As a two-time participant in the annual 17th Street High Heels Race and the director and star of GW’s production of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” […]

Democrats canvass to turn North Carolina blue

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Fifty GW students traveled several hours to campaign here this weekend for presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama and U.S. Senate candidate Kay Hagan in a state that could be in the hands of the Democratic Party for the first time since 1976. The students knocked on doors of targeted voters who were […]

A dream come true

Makwei Mabioor Deng says he is in the midst of a dream, one he hopes he will never wake from. The University awarded a full scholarship to the Sudanese 22-year-old who began his freshman year this month. Banaa, a student organization that began working to bring a Sudanese student to GW in 2006, helped coordinate […]

GW Expat: War in Iraq makes for uncomfortable conversation

COPENHAGEN, Denmark A recent exchange with a cashier at a local fruit stand here made me realize that the reverberations of the Iraq War are truly felt worldwide. The cashier, an older Middle Eastern man, told me that I owed 40 Kroner (which translates to roughly $8) and then asked me a question in Danish. […]

Scavenger hunt leads students to glitzy week in New York

When three upperclassmen entered The World’s Biggest Treasure Hunt at the last minute, they certainly did not expect to win. The three students – seniors Nichole Carroll, Jess Sherwood and junior Courtney Barth – came in second place in the D.C. leg of the competition, which was sponsored by Disney to promote their new movie, […]

D.C. tax office under investigation for missing millions

While most GW students were still roaming the halls of their middle schools, a corruption case with potential to be the largest in local government history was brewing in the District. The D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue has been under been under investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s office in Washington, after it discovered millions […]