Margaret Magee

Holiday Guide: Online shopping offers cozy alternatives

Avoid the cold, stay on the couch, break out the credit card and enter the world of online shopping. Most brand-name stores this season have a Web site that caters to a busy holiday shopper. Some cyber-shops have free shipping or special offers, which makes shopping at home worth it. advertises free shipping until […]

GW at the millennium: GW feels the force

At GW, far, far away from the likes of Tatooine, Degobah and the Death Star, students jump into hyperdrive when they talk about Star Wars. It has a unique appeal that transcends time, said 1999 GW graduate Omar Refai, who is the proud owner of a chair that looks like Darth Maul, a villain in […]

D.C. Diary: Sweet steals

The United ChurchWednesday, Oct. 2711:30 a.m. Each year the basement of the United Church on 20th and G streets is transformed into a bargain hunter’s dream. During the last week in October members of the church organize the Fall Sale to raise money for the church. Items that are sold are collected all year from […]

University meshes academic programs and residential life

GW plans to add more academic programs to freshman residence halls this fall and is offering the Hall on Virginia Avenue as a housing choice to incoming freshmen. After GW purchased The Premier Hotel with the intent to make it a 395-bed residence hall, a letter was sent out to all freshmen May 28 offering […]

GW dining expands student options

GW students who purchase a meal plan this fall will have more choices of where they can eat and more flexible dining hours. The University has eliminated “meal zone” hours and expanded dining services to many of the locations on campus. It also plans to incorporate dining space in the recently purchased Hall on Virginia […]

Ground floor opens in Marvin Center

The renovation of the Marvin Center’s ground floor is set to be completed by the first day of classes, and the area has already been opened, said Mike Gargano, assistant vice president for Student Academic Support Services. The completion of the ground floor is the first part of a $22 million project to renovate the […]

Library extends study lounge hours

Students now will be able to remain in Gelman Library’s fourth-floor study lounge until 2 a.m. after University administrators approved funding for additional security. The two-hour extension kicked off Monday night with a ribbon-cutting party. Students packed the library’s fourth-floor lobby, eating desserts and drinking coffee. At midnight, members of the Student Association and Gelman […]

Dalai Lama advocates democracy, equality

The Dalai Lama did not need written notes or a translator to convey his message of compassion and nonviolence to a sold-out crowd at Lisner Auditorium Tuesday evening. Devoting himself to helping the Tibetan people regain their land from the Chinese, he encouraged audience members to have warm hearts and strong minds. “Go see Tibet […]

Shear Madness allows audience to play detective in whodunit

Put a sensitive barber, a trashy beautician, a shady antique dealer, a rich old lady and a couple of detectives together in a funky hair salon and what’s the result? Shear Madness. Shear Madness is D.C.’s longest running non-musical play. It has been performed more than 4,000 times at the Kennedy Center since 1987. The […]