Marcus Trombetta

A new year, new dining venues

Students venturing into the Marvin Center and other campus buildings this fall will find a variety of new dining venues with late-night hours. GW gave the green light to a complete renovation of J Street and the Marvin Center’s ground floor over the summer and opened new shops in the Ivory Tower. In addition, the […]

Cicadas swarm D.C. area

They have red eyes, yellow wings and are known only by the mysterious name “Brood X.” But these creatures aren’t visitors from another planet – they’re in America’s backyards and parks. Since mid-May, the D.C. area has been inundated by an infestation of cicadas that are swarming everywhere from Tennessee to New York. Every 17 […]

Poll finds Kerry more popular among students

College students are more likely to vote for Sen. John Kerry than President Bush in the November presidential election, according to a poll released last week by Harvard University’s Institute of Politics. The poll, which last month questioned more than a thousand students at colleges across the country, found that 48 percent of respondents said […]

Recording industry sues three students for file sharing

Lawyers representing the recording industry served the University with a subpoena Monday asking officials to identify three students being sued for distributing music on file-sharing networks. The Recording Industry Association of America sued the students by looking at their computers’ Internet Protocol addresses, which can be used to identify a computer and its owner. The […]

Rep. retracts tuition bill, cites GW’s new plan

Citing efforts by universities such as GW to curb costs, Rep. Howard McKeon withdrew legislation last week that would have penalized universities for implementing steep tuition hikes. In a statement released last week, McKeon (R-Calif.) praised GW for adopting a plan that fixes tuition for incoming students, saying the University has acknowledged that “institutions have […]

Fixed tuition will allow for earlier increases

Officials said the University’s fixed pricing plan adopted last month for incoming freshmen would allow GW to announce yearly tuition increases sooner. Under the plan, approved by the University’s Board of Trustees Feb. 6, incoming students will pay $34,000 a year in tuition during their four or five years at GW. Room and board costs […]

Ridge honors dept. at GW ceremony

Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge addressed the government’s efforts to prevent terrorist attacks at GW Monday morning. About 300 people filled the Jack Morton Auditorium to hear Ridge talk about the war on terror and mark the one-year anniversary of the creation of the Homeland Security Department. “What a wonderful place to commemorate this moment, […]

SARS hinders study abroad

Four GW students studying abroad in China recently returned to the United States after their study abroad programs were cut short amid fears of the potentially deadly SARS virus. Several East Asia programs organizers said they are also considering canceling summer and fall programs. Officials said 12 GW students are studying in China despite SARS […]

D.C. considers metro fare hike

Students taking the Metro next fall may pay higher fares as city transportation officials struggle to close the gap on a $48 million budget shortfall. The budget change will not affect plans to create a student discount card program, officials said. The Metro Board Budget Committee, which wants to increase passenger revenues by $24 million, […]

Dean chats with students

Vermont Gov. Howard Dean appeared at the Capitol City Brewing Company for a campaign fundraiser Tuesday afternoon calling on students to support his presidential campaign. “The thing that means the most to me…is actually that banner right there : ‘Students for Dean,’” the Democratic presidential hopeful said to a crowd of young professionals and some […]