Marcus Mrowka

McDonalds sued for making children obese

Posted 5:33 p.m. Nov. 25 by Marcus Mrowka U-WIRE (DC BUREAU) (U-WIRE) WASHINGTON–A lawsuit accusing the fast food chain McDonald’s of contributing to the obesity of Americans was argued in New York City’s U.S. Courthouse last Wednesday. The case argued that McDonalds failure to provide warnings about the dangers of eating fast food on frequent […]

Supreme Court hears arguments on sex offender cases

Posted 7:33p.m. Nov. 18 by Marcus Mrowka U-WIRE (DC BUREAU) (U-WIRE) WASHINGTON–The Supreme Court heard oral arguments last Wednesday for two cases that will determine to what extent states can go in publishing information about sex offenders to the public. The cases involve sex offender registries in Connecticut and Alaska which were created as part […]

U.N. Approves Iraq Resolution

Posted 3:07 p.m. Nov. 11 by Marcus Mrowka U-WIRE (DC BUREAU) (U-WIRE) WASHINGTON–The United Nations Security Council unanimously approved a resolution with specific guidelines to disarm Iraq of weapons of mass destruction last week, marking the latest step in President George W. Bush’s campaign against Saddam Hussein. The resolution warned Hussein that he must stop […]

NEWS BRIEF- Protest against war in Iraq comes to Washington

Posted 11:24 a.m. Oct. 28 by Marcus Mrowka U-WIRE (DC BUREAU) (U-WIRE) WASHINGTON–Thousands of protestors traveled to the nation’s capital over the weekend to take part in a massive rally against the war on Iraq that rivaled anti-war protests of the Vietnam era. The number of protesters exceeded initial estimates and by the end of […]

Afghan foreign minister speaks at George Washington U.

Posted 8:34 p.m. Oct. 23 by Marcus Mrowka U-WIRE (DC BUREAU) (U-WIRE) WASHINGTON–Afghan Foreign Minister Dr. Abdullah Abdullah offered words of hope for the future of his developing country but urged continued international support during an address to students and faculty at The George Washington University Monday afternoon. Abdullah outlined plans for democratic elections, a […]

GW students sue following arrest

Posted 12:01 a.m. Oct. 17 by Marcus Mrowka U-WIRE (DC BUREAU) (U-WIRE) WASHINGTON–Seven George Washington University students, many of them student journalists, filed a lawsuit against the city of Washington, D.C. on Monday after they were arrested during last month’s IMF and World Bank protests. The students are arguing that their Constitutional rights were violated […]

Preview: Election Day 2002

Posted 6:02 p.m. Oct. 9 by Marcus Mrowka U-WIRE (DC BUREAU) (U-WIRE) WASHINGTON–With election day less than a month away, both Democrats and Republicans are putting all of their energy in the congressional midterm elections which could prove to be crucial in the direction of U.S. public policy in the next two years. Democrats control […]

Turnout Lower for Second Day of Protests

Posted 2:47 p.m. Sept. 30 by Marcus Mrowka U-WIRE (DC BUREAU) (U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – Police packed the streets of Washington, D.C., for the second day in a row, waiting for thousands of expected protesters who failed to appear. D.C. Metropolitan Police had prepared to do battle with up to 20,000 protesters on the second day […]

Americans debate if Saudi Arabia is friend or foe

Posted 11:45 a.m. Sept. 27 by Marcus Mrowka U-WIRE (DC BUREAU) (U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – As President George W. Bush continues his push for a war against Iraq, the United States faces the loss of a key Middle East ally — Saudi Arabia. Despite a long history of cooperation between the two nations, anti-American sentiment is […]

Congress debates over strike on Iraq

Posted 9:11 p.m. Sept. 21 by Marcus Mrowka U-WIRE (DC BUREAU) U-WIRE (WASHINGTON)–President George W. Bush sent a resolution to key congressional leaders this week, asking for the authority to use “all means” in a possible attack on Iraq. With a U.S. military attack on Iraq pending, the debate between the Bush Administration and key […]