Marcus Mrowka

Teach For America member shares story

Posted 11:44pm May 9 by Marcus Mrowka U-WIRE Washington Bureau Chief “There are times when you feel that the class is in charge of you and you just want to run, other days you sit back and say, ‘Wow, I did something great’,” says Casey Fullerton, a fourth grade teacher at Simon Elementary School in […]

INTERVIEW: Iraqi Fulbright scholars relay positive messages

Posted 12:03pm February 7 by Marcus Mrowka U-WIRE Washington Bureau Chief The first Iraqi Fulbright scholars in 14 years arrived in Washington, D.C., over the weekend and prepared for a week of orientation before being shipped off to four U.S. universities to begin their studies. The program was re-established in October by Ambassador Paul Bremer […]

Louisiana Democrat could be youngest in Congress

Posted 4:30pm December 15 by Marcus Mrowka U-WIRE Washington Bureau Chief Most young people interested in entering politics see it as a process. They might work for a Member or Senator, run for local or state office, and work years building up contacts so that one day they might make the big jump to national […]


Sex offender arrested in dissappearence of U. North Dakota Student (U-WIRE) GRAND FORKS, N.D. – Alfonso Rodriguez Jr., a convicted sexual offender and a suspect in the kidnapping of University of North Dakota student Dru Sjodin, appeared in Grand Forks County Court Thursday for a preliminary hearing on kidnapping charges. In a short appearance before […]

Democrats square off in Arizona

Posted 12:00am October 14 by Marcus Mrowka U-WIRE Washington Bureau Chief In the most contentious debate so far, Democratic presidential hopefuls butted heads on Iraq, the economy and their credentials at last Thursday’s debate in Phoenix sponsored by CNN and the Arizona Democratic Party. This marked the second debate in which retired general Wesley Clark […]

Gore, Lewis, TV stars headline Human Rights Campaign dinner

Posted 12:01am October 14 by Marcus Mrowka U-WIRE Washington Bureau Chief Al Gore, Congressman John Lewis, the cast of “The West Wing” and the “Fab 5” from “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” headlined this year’s annual Human Rights Campaign National Dinner Saturday in Washington. The annual event is meant to honor those who play […]

Graham drops out of Presidential race

Posted 12:50pm October 11 by Marcus Mrowka U-WIRE Washington Bureau Chief Florida Senator Bob Graham announced he would end his troubled campaign for the Presidency Monday on “Larry King Live”, making him the first among the 10 Democrats to drop out. “I made the judgment I cannot be elected President of the United States,” Graham […]

Clark becomes 10th Democrat to enter presidential race

Posted 11:02pm September 17 by Marcus Mrowka U-WIRE Washington Bureau Chief Retired General Wesley Clark announced his bid for the presidency on Wednesday, becoming the 10th Democrat to seek the party’s nomination to run against President Bush in November 2004. Clark made the announcement in his hometown of Little Rock, Ark., in front of hundreds […]

College Democrats president endorses Edwards

Posted 8:36p.m. September 12 by Marcus Mrowka U-WIRE Washington Bureau Chief During a conference call with college newspapers around the country, College Democrats of America President, Ashley Bell, announced his endorsement of Senator John Edwards, North Carolina, for president as Edwards laid out his programs concerning young voters. “Young people are aching for real leadership […]

President Announces Victory in Iraq

Posted 12:14 p.m. May 6 by Marcus Mrowka U-WIRE Washington Bureau President Bush proclaimed victory in Iraq last week, giving a colorful speech aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln, which was headed for shore in California. Although Bush said much of the fighting is over, there is still much work to be done in Iraq and […]