Malak Hamwi

Greetings from Tibet

As a young boy growing up in Cologne, Germany, graduate student Thomas Lagner covered his miniature globe with small stickers to mark every destination he hoped to visit. At 12, he left home to study English through an exchange program in Ireland and by age 16, he had crossed the Atlantic solo to live with […]

Almost an engagement

Last May, junior Cherelle Kantey and her boyfriend, Chris, celebrated their one-year anniversary over a romantic dinner in D.C. The two met at a defunct nightclub called Heaven 12 months earlier, and were well past “I love you’s” as they exchanged gifts across the table. Kantey got Chris a watch and he read aloud two […]

A way of life: When smoking marijuana is a lifestyle

On a chilly Sunday afternoon, junior Rachel Chambers* is holed up in her dorm room trying to pass three hours of idle time before her 6 p.m. dinner plans. She reaches for the shiny black box of cigars she recently purchased and removes one of the long, brown sticks. Sitting on her bed, with a […]

Moving out and moving on

A lot of things change after graduation, but post-college housing doesn’t have to be one of them. Jessica Glynn, a 2005 graduate, dubs her apartment building the “dorm for professionals.” The Meridian at Gallery Place, a luxury rental apartment building, is home to dozens of recent GW graduates. Glynn estimated that about 50 recent graduates […]

Coming of age, again

Many might rather forget it. But the nearly 50 people who came out to the Sixth and I Historic Synagogue on the edge of Chinatown Thursday night wanted to relive their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. In a large basement lined with inflatable palm trees, blow-up monkeys, orange balloons and “Aloha” signs, D.C. locals gathered for […]

Gay men form a new kind of fraternity

When most students think of fraternities, scenes of wild parties and scantily clad women from movies such as “Animal House” and “Old School” come to mind. In popular culture, fraternities are often viewed as organizations concerned almost exclusively with beer, sports and sex. As stereotypes are frequently challenged, Delta Lambda Phi, the nation’s oldest and […]

Blowing up Google: Tailored search results make statements

Google searches are a staple of any student’s life. But even with the world’s most comprehensive search engine, you don’t always find what you’re looking for, or expect. Google the word “failure” or the phrase “miserable failure” and the first of more than 200 million sites to appear is the White House biography of President […]

Not-so-veiled convictions: Professor stands up for religious freedom in Turkey

When Merve Kavakci tried to take her oath to enter the Turkish Parliament in 1999, other members of the national assembly shouted “get out” for 45 minutes. One of only a handful of women in the 550-member body, the Elliott School of International Affairs professor expected some opposition from her fellow parliamentarians, but she wasn’t […]