Maggie Shrout

Some final thoughts before I go

This is my last column, so you better read it. You might not get another chance. People I know keep coming up to me and saying they’re thinking of trying to write this column next year. I guess they figure if I can do it, anyone can. Thanks guys. So once I’m done with this, […]

What I would do with $200 million

Tuesday night I won $50 from a scratch-off lottery ticket. At the time, I thought it was great, but now I realize I probably used up all my lottery luck for the rest of my life. Because that same night, to my surprise, I did not win the $200 million jackpot in the “Big Game” […]

Flying the unfriendly skies

For spring break, I made the decision as an adult to go home rather than spend money to go to some beautiful and exciting place like the Bahamas or Bermuda. OK, so my mom made the decision, but I agreed with her. Oh OK, so I didn’t agree with her, but she bought me some […]

J Street election night flashbacks

I know everyone must be tired of hearing about the Student Association elections by now, but because I spent Wednesday night at J Street until about 6 a.m., the elections are all that is on my mind. It is has always struck me that the SA takes itself very, very seriously, especially considering that when […]

The misery of the housing lottery

After Colonial Inauguration last year, I determined that the single most frustrating experience of my life was telephone registration for classes. I was at the fifth CI and spent about three hours on the phone only to hear that scary, horrifyingly frightening woman tell me that the classes I wanted were closed. Later, the mere […]

Killing two birds with one stone

I don’t mind admitting I will do anything to avoid my chores. Mainly studying. Twice a week, the procrastination of choice is reading The GW Hatchet (well, first doing the crossword puzzle, then reading the articles). If you read The Hatchet last week, as I did, you noticed there were two issues that dominated the […]

Witnessing history for 15 minutes

Last semester, my roommate Kristie went to buy books for her history class and discovered the professor had assigned 16 required texts. Then on the first day of class, the professor asked the significance of the year 1954 and a handful of enthusiastic students volunteered that it was the year the shah of Iran was […]

Joys of going home for the holidays

Three weeks off from school should be, by definition, wonderful. No classes, no reading, no papers. A chance to spend some quality time with Mom and Dad. For the good college student, a chance to earn money at that old summer job that always is glad to see you back. And of course, New Year’s […]

Longing for the good ol’ TV days

So Thanksgiving is almost here. That means professors feel like they have free reign to assign work like crazy. I honestly have at least one paper for every class. So naturally, I studied all weekend, right? Wait, no. I’m saving my six hours worth of studying for the hour and a half plane ride back […]

Sharing some scary squirrel stories

I was brainstorming with friends, trying to figure out what I could write this column about and several things came to mind. I thought about writing something on registration and how if I ever met that lady whose voice is on the registration recording, I would be scared of her. I also thought about discussing […]