Maggie Gallant

Waking the Dead makes lasting impact on audiences

How many films have you seen in last few months? Now, out of those films, how many do you remember? What was the name of the lead character? Exactly – you can’t remember. But, Waking the Dead (USA Films) breaks that trend, and you will remember the film well past the ride home. Based on […]

Agnes Browne proves to be `a good time’ film

Agnes Browne (October Films) is a light-hearted good time film. Anjelica Huston (Ever After) who stars as Agnes Browne, also wears another hat as director. A witty and fun flick, the film can be jotted down as a success for Huston in both arenas. You might expect a story about a woman whose husband died […]

Whole Nine Yards falls short of touchdown with viewers

Could it BE more Chandler? Once again, Matthew Perry (Friends) takes his goofy character from Friends with him to the big screen in The Whole Nine Yards (Warner Bros.). While Perry is clumsily charming as Nicholas Oz Oseransky, a dentist living in a suburb of Montreal, his performance leaves you wondering if he can break […]