Magali Armillas-Tiseyra

Another Albee

We’re all alone out here, you know, but at least most of us have a sense of where we are. Then there’s little Malcolm. Poor, pretty Malcolm in his sharp pinstriped suit. Thing is, there are plenty of people out there with use for such a pretty, pure and unlearned boy. So many people with […]

A look at faith, a slap at morality

For a while now, D.C.’s Cherry Red Productions has been touting itself as the city’s only theater company dedicated to Jesus, and it’s finally making good on its promise. Cherry Red’s new play, “Anger Box,” is a collection of 10 monologues by playwright Jeff Goode (of “Poona the Fuckdog and Other Plays for Children” fame). […]


The scene opens on a black man shuffling three cards on a makeshift table of milk crates and cardboard. He’s standing in a ratty, sparsely furnished apartment but focuses solely on the game. He talks enthusiastically, rhythmically weaving his words and pretending to address potential gamblers. But his movements aren’t as smooth as his talk […]

Splitting Hairs: Students to shave hair for charity

On January 19, 2003, five barbers gathered at the McArthur Glen Designer Outlet in North Yorkshire, UK and established a world record. The quintet shaved 228 heads in four hours, setting the current world record for Most Heads Shaved in Four Hours. GW student organization Buzzing for Change is planning to beat the current record […]

Not your average lecture

Late one evening in 1986, Dan Rather was attacked and savagely beaten on Park Avenue in New York. According to reports, his attackers were two well-dressed white men; they accosted Rather, shouting variations of the phrase “Kenneth, what is the frequency?” Who they were and what they wanted remains unsolved. Cherry Red Productions’ new play, […]

It takes ovaries, really it does…

An ample black woman raises her eyes to the audience, smiles and breaks into a slow dance. Dressed in multicolored, loose-fitting pants she moves gracefully across the empty chapel floor. About a minute passes, she stops and walks towards the audience. “Well, hello,” she says, “I see you’ve finally come to see me.” She lets […]

Reflections on the barrell of a gun

A fine-featured woman throws her head back laughing uproariously. She chatters enthusiastically in indecipherable gibberish to another woman, who sits tied to a single chair on the stage. The theater blacks out and a blast of tango music bursts from the house speakers. What follows? Obviously, it’s a large black man dressed in a Chinese […]

INTERVIEW: Girls gone wild, sort of; Michael Cunningham on “The Hours”

Dressed in the perfunctory black-sweater-blue-jeans-black-boots, Michael Cunningham is the comfortable portrait of a writer. Smiling warmly, he apologizes for his smoking (American Spirits), sits and throws both legs over the arm of his chair. In 1998 Cunningham released “The Hours,” which earned him both the Pulitzer Prize for fiction and the PEN/Faulkner award. As beautiful […]

Less Talk, more fish-nets

The lights dim. You hear the first few tenuous chords of and you think, “No! No! It can’t be! It’s all too outrageous, too wonderful!” The melody swells and rises. Slowly, four dancers move in synchronized motion. Three women and a tall man in drag (all clad in fishnet) dance along as Rick James’ “Superfreak” […]