Macy Jenkins

Sing Out!

Students lined up around the block of Lisner Auditorium Tuesday night to see a cappella groups compete in an annual “battle” sponsored by the Class Council. The auditorium was packed with students and alumni, who came to cheer on seven different GW a cappella groups. The participants included the Troubadours, Emocapella, GW Geet, the GW […]

Pass on this “Free Ride”

Here’s the truth about Fox’s new sitcom “Free Ride”: the commercials for the show are pretty funny, but that’s about it. “Free Ride” follows recent college graduate Nate Stahlings (newcomer Josh Dean) as he makes the transition from University of California-Santa Barbara back to small-town Missouri life when he decides to move back in with […]

WEB EXTRA: ‘Eight Below’ rises above expectations

Who knew that Disney could make Jason Biggs PG and turn teen heartthrob Paul Walker into a regular guy whose best friends are eight sled dogs. Set in the harsh climate of Antarctica, the tastefully done “Eight Below” evokes authentic emotion as love and loyalty are put to the test. The movie is based on […]

WEB EXTRA: Film Review – The mask is back

Zorro is back once again in “The Legend of Zorro” – this time, to save California as it joins the United States of America. It appears as if all hope is lost when Alejandro de la Vega (Antonio Banderas) considers giving up the mask and becoming a full-time family man. A rift between de la […]