Lyndsey Wajert

Lyndsey Wajert: More than a number

Many current Facebook users may not remember the short-lived “compare friends” application. Those curious enough – and arguably, vain enough – to check their standings every day would casually publicize the fact that they were voted “cutest” or “most datable” of all of their online friends. Well, if “compare colleges” became a new application on […]

Lyndsey Wajert: Three wishes for the GW genie

GW tour guides tell prospective students that the hippo statue standing outside Lisner Auditorium will bring good luck. They encourage teens and parents alike to “rub the Hippo’s nose” to carry on a tradition. Of course, no one really rubs the hippo’s nose, but if the animal actually was GW’s enchanted lamp, I know just […]

Lyndsey Wajert: The study zone Band-Aid

Eckles Library on the Mount Vernon Campus is usually packed with visiting students from the Foggy Bottom campus two times each semester: during midterms and during the reading period for finals. Study rooms, desks, computers and even spaces on the floor are all occupied in the typically commodious Eckles, indicating that many Foggy Bottom residents […]

Lyndsey Wajert: Students are not dollar signs

Remember when, instead of term paper due dates, it was your college application deadlines looming over you? Though you filled out all the forms with the correct information, attached eloquent personal essays and even included copies of your work featured in the high school literary magazine, could you ever truly shake the feeling that to […]

Lyndsey Wajert: Don’t put all your borrowed eggs in one basket

As the biting, icy winds subside and the dark days of winter brighten into spring, GW not only enters a new season, but also a new fiscal era, during which administrators will be forced to make difficult decisions about University funding. But how can administrators provide the nurturing care for GW’s planned growth while also […]

Lyndsey Wajert: It’s the ends that count

By this point in our educations, most of us have been students for more than a decade. These days, more and more GW graduates are switching roles and finding out exactly what it means to be a teacher. In a recent event in the Marvin Center, Rod Paige, the former U.S. secretary of education, urged […]

Lyndsey Wajert: A stimulus cut we can’t afford

For the past few months, GW students have not been exempt from feeling the burden of the worsening nationwide economic crisis. Had Congress passed President Obama’s originally proposed stimulus package, part of that weight might have been lifted from the shoulders of both the University and its students. Recently, the stimulus package passed in the […]

Lyndsey Wajert: What’s in a poem?

On Inauguration Day, many of us will be lining the streets to watch the parade, while others will simply be busy avoiding the influx of an estimated four million visitors. But what may not be at the top of most people’s agenda is perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of this inauguration: On Jan. […]

Lyndsey Wajert: Checking the state of the Pequod

GW’s “Great White Whale” has resurfaced. Professor Donald Parsons was right when he compared the University’s pursuit of a significant new science and engineering complex to Captain Ahab’s tragic hunting of the elusive white whale (“GW’s Great White Whale,” May 19, p. 4) – and before the ship embarks on another phase of its pursuit […]

Lyndsey Wajert: GW’s helping hand

A college degree has become an essential – and often minimum – requirement for success in the modern work force. Higher education has become more accessible due to a combination of parents saving money for their kids’ college educations, student loans (which many struggle to pay off years after graduation) and colleges that have been […]