Lyndsey Wajert

Lyndsey Wajert: Dear parents, it may be difficult but let go

This page annually features words of advice to incoming Colonials from the people who have been to their own Colonial Inaugurations, and rarely do we offer advice to the other CI visitors: parents. To the parents of the members of the Class of 2015, I know some of you are walking around campus and putting […]

Lyndsey Wajert: Remembering the little guys

If money is power, then the Student Association has a lot of power at its disposal this year. Because of an increased student fee and leftover allocation money, the Student Association has more than $1.1 million to dole out this year for University-wide events and student organizations. This money gives the SA more power than […]

Lyndsey Wajert: Deflating your straight A’s

Oft-mentioned sentiments from experts in higher education and high school guidance counselors say that as long as students work hard and do their best, it won’t matter whether they choose a public university or a private one. After all, the amount of work students put in at either school should be proportional to the grade […]

Lyndsey Wajert: Storm on the horizon

In November 2008, the University was dangerously moving forward with building a Science and Engineering Complex projected to cost up to $350 million at a time when the nation was spiraling into a recession. In a column titled “Checking the State of the Pequod,” I warned GW to “keep a weather eye on the horizon” […]

Lyndsey Wajert: Who says you can’t go home?

Being from the greater Philadelphia region, there are certain aspects of my life that I know I will never be able to change. For one, the Eagles will most likely never win a Superbowl, regardless of how well they start the season. I will never plan a day around seeing the Liberty Bell. Hometown favorites […]

Lyndsey Wajert: Steps for seeking help

This is the author’s second column detailing the rise of mental health issues among college students and what resources schools across the country have provided to address the problem. Imagine returning to your residence hall after Thanksgiving break to find your roommate in tears over a breakup with her high school boyfriend of three years. […]

Lyndsey Wajert: Addressing symptoms of sadness

Typical college students exhibit signs of depression or symptoms of sadness at varying times throughout their college careers. For some, the sadness of college life kicks in a few weeks after the start of classes in the form of homesickness. For others, the sadness of the post-holiday interim, or “seasonal” depression, occurs after the start […]

Lyndsey Wajert: GW’s sore spots

Political commentator and comedian Jon Stewart opened his Colonials Weekend performance on Saturday by discussing GW’s school colors and asking the audience, “What is buff?” Though the majority of the audience laughed in response, I couldn’t help but overhear the girl sitting behind me point out to her friend that “everyone makes that joke.” The […]

Lyndsey Wajert: Rating access to residence halls

Part of the college experience is the transition into adulthood. Undoubtedly, this includes (sometimes frustrating) encounters with service providers. Recently, I waited in my room for the cable guy to show up, having been told he would come “sometimes between nine and three o’clock.” But it turns out I didn’t need to at all, because […]