Luke Strosnider

Quality time during Family Weekend

Torture. Pain. Irritability. Boredom. Disgust. Frustration. These words can describe many things. The sex life of a lonely sadomasochist. The Starr report. Watching either the “UPN” or “WB” television networks. Reading this column. All are activities that invoke some form of intense discomfort. But they are nothing – nothing – in comparison to what fate’s […]

Life as we know it + Y2K=disaster

So here we are, a mere 15 months away from the end of the world. Kinda puts this whole “working your ass off to get A’s and succeed in life after college” thing into perspective, eh? I mean, who cares? We’re all gonna die! Live for today! Put down that stupid book, dude. Use double […]

Road trips and the rules of “shotgun”

The road trip. That glorious tradition that allows us to emancipate ourselves from the regularity of where we stand. Can there be anything more important to one’s mental health than the ability to get the hell out of Dodge every once in a while? But a road trip is nothing without a few close, insane […]

Beanie Babies ain’t got no soul

So here’s the deal – I can’t sleep. I am one of those people commonly referred to as “night owls” or “serial killers” who roam the streets at night looking for others who suffer from my condition. OK, so I don’t roam the streets . anymore . as much. Heh eh . hmmm. Anyway, this […]

Memories of the first day of school

<IMG ALIGN=LEFT ALT=Luke Strosnider BORDER=1 SRC=images_upload/824.lukecolumnpic.jpgDo you remember your first day of school ever? Springing out of bed at the crack of dawn with a toothless grin a mile wide, sliding into your brand-spanking new clothes and thinking, “First grade – at last, I am emancipated from the drudgery of kindergarten!” No more hours spent […]