Ludmila Kafanov

More than 2,100 prospective students on wait list

About 2,100 prospective students remain on a waiting list to come to GW in the fall, said Kathryn Napper, director of Undergraduate Admissions. Last year, the waiting list consisted of 700 students. The last of the regular decision applicants were notified earlier this month about whether they can come to GW next semester. Prospective students […]

Impact of 9/11 commission unknown

Posted April 24 8:03pm by Ludmila Kafanov U-WIRE Washington Bureau Despite mounting evidence showing that pre-9/11 terror warnings were urgently communicated to the highest government officials, partisanship within the commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks threatens to undercut findings and their impact on the upcoming election may be slim. “It’s useful to have hearings about […]

Rice answers for 9/11

(U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – National security adviser Condoleezza Rice defended the Bush administration’s terrorism policies in her testimony Thursday before the bi-partisan independent commission in charge of investigating the Sept. 11 attacks. “If we knew an attack was coming against the United States, that an attack was coming against Washington and New York, we would have […]

Honors Program weighs changes

When junior Megan Greer was accepted to the University Honors Program two years ago, she adjusted to college life while taking what was then a requirement of three Honors classes per semester. “It was initially a little scary, being a freshman,” Greer said. “But I loved it.” The Honors Program’s curriculum requirements have changed since […]

Infamous journalist addresses students

Stephen Glass was once a respected young journalist, loved and cared for by his editors and co-workers at The New Republic magazine. Glass was 25 years old in 1998 when editor Charles Lane fired him from The New Republic after editors discovered that a number of his articles had been fabricated. Glass created fake Web […]