Lucas Hagerty

Lucas Hagerty: The tough luck of housing assignments

There are many factors that affect the quality of college life, but none play as large a role as a student’s housing situation. That is why the day housing assignments are announced comes with Christmas-like anticipation. Depending on what the iHousing e-mail says, your summer will either be spent giddily planning out your room with […]

Lucas Hagerty: Increase club sport support

College is stressful, we’ve all figured that out by now. Most of us know that basketball, squash and racquetball at the Health and Wellness Center or tennis, ultimate Frisbee and soccer on the Mount Vernon Campus can be life savers when you need to let out some frustration or just delay that hour of studying […]

Lucas Hagerty: All schools are created equal

On the first day of second semester, I woke up at 7:55 a.m. and did my best Usain Bolt impression to get to class on time, sprinting from Thurston to Duques Hall. As a freshman in the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, I was used to having class in the Mount Vernon Academic Building, […]

Lucas Hagerty: Give GW a football team

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently reported that the University of North Carolina at Charlotte will be getting a football team in 2013, 62 years after the school was founded. GW has a similar undergraduate enrollment and a much larger endowment than UNC-Charlotte, so the announcement got me thinking: Why not us? We once had […]

Lucas Hagerty: Back to the kid in us

Welcome, GW parents. By now, your child’s room has been frantically cleaned, with racy posters and beer cans shoved behind the dirty clothes hamper in the back of the closet. They have put on their cleanest clothes and met you with a big hug. But it’s a different hug than the ones you’ve received before. […]