Liz Foo

Eat smart, play hard for a healthy holiday season

It’s almost holiday season and your stomach knows what’s coming: serving after succulent serving of grandma’s starch-stuffed turkey, snowy mountains of mashed potatoes and cinnamon-spiced pumpkin pie. If you’re worried about overdoing the delicious fare, take heart. Here are five food and fitness facts to help you have a healthy and happy holiday. 1. Turkey, […]

Son Volt meshes rock and country

Deep and mysterious, the lead vocalist of the alternative country band Son Volt sounds like the singer from the retired group Uncle Tupelo – and with good reason. It’s the same guy. With an unmistakable voice, Jay Farrar organized Son Volt after leaving Uncle Tupelo in 1994. Sun Volt introduces a new style to the […]

Jackson’s album explores musical genres from jazz to spiritual to rock

With the release of her self-titled album, Sherri Jackson hits all aspects of the musical spectrum. Her songs incorporate a multitude of styles – from alternative rock and ska, to smooth jazz and spiritual hymns. Jackson fans find themselves bouncing around and singing her songs out loud. On Sherri Jackson (Hybrid Recordings), the members of […]