Lianna Havel

D.C. to enforce recycling laws

District officials will start enforcing new recycling laws, which require all D.C. residents, apartment buildings and companies to recycle their trash, or else face hefty fines. The Department of Public Works now requires all D.C. businesses – including universities like GW – to recycle all plastic and cardboard products. DPW Recycling Program Officer William Easley […]

School of Media and Public Affairs professors study abroad

From the war-torn streets of Afghanistan to the flourishing culture of Brazil, studying abroad is not just for students. Silvio Waisbord, director of graduate studies at the School of Media and Public Affairs, was invited to spend a week in Brazil by the country’s National Association of Newspapers to speak to students and journalists across […]

GW looks to create temp agency

Looking for work? GW may soon be able to help you go from unemployed to employed – at least temporarily. A proposal for a University-wide temp agency will be presented to University President Steven Knapp and other senior staff in March. Headed by the Innovation Task Force, the temp agency would essentially hire students to […]

Senator Roland Burris speaks to College Democrats

Sen. Roland Burris, D-Ill., briefly spoke to the College Democrats Wednesday evening before rushing out to take part in congressional vote, possibly the last of his Senate career. “I have to go vote now,” Burris said. “This may be my last time on the Senate floor.” Before the event, Burris waited in the Marvin Center […]