Lee Rumbarger

Dancing up a storm with friends

As The Hatchet’s managing editor, my biggest job is reading all stories we print. I muse over verb choice and make sure we don’t get sued. I have a favorite punctuation mark – the long dash. I chisel away excess words and am agitated by misused prepositions. I occasionally rework leads, or return stories to […]


Exhibitionism can tingle with pleasure and power, says visiting human sciences Professor Elizabeth Grosz. She defies any notion of dusty academia, honing in on subjects labeled perverted in stodgier circles. Her scholarship is fleshy and fascinating – penetrating the realm of the sexual, the corporeal, the naked. GW’s human sciences program – the only one […]

gwhatchet.com to come

The GW Hatchet will begin publishing online this fall as part of a plan to engage more readers both by expanded coverage and easier accessibility. Internet readers can check out the new edition immediately after printed copies hit the newsstands. World Wide Web surfers will be able to scan through The Hatchet’s archives – a […]