Lee Doyle

Film Review: “Melinda and Melinda?”

For a number of different reasons it’s difficult to make any kind of qualitative judgment about Woody Allen’s newest film. The film offers too many indications of genre types and categories. But oddly enough, or maybe not if you’re a Woody Allen fan, this peculiar characteristic is responsible for the film’s successful portions. “Melinda and […]

The Thai Warrior

It is no secret – in fact, it is openly admitted and understood that the world of martial arts cinema rests almost entirely on the shoulders of martial artists. It is one of the few genres which still valiantly defends the archetypal concept of the hero, and for that, I am personally grateful. The very […]

A feel-good tune

It is no surprise that Christophe Barratier’s film “Les Choristes” or “The Chorus” (Galat?e Films) was France’s collective nominee for the foreign film category at the Academy Awards. It is one of the more palatable and “feel good” movies I have seen for quite some time. The performances were genuine and well-acted, the direction was […]

Movie Review: “Tarnation”

With the relatively recent advent of the self-reflexive documentary coming to the foreground of popular cinematic culture, it’s no surprise that someone took it a step further and simply composed a documentary of his own life. Jonathan Caouette did just that in his film “Tarnation” (Wellspring). Editing Super-8 footage, old pictures, amateur film clips, phone […]

“The Polar Express”

It never bodes well for a film when its publicity schemes are analogous to the film itself. Just to paint a picture (and to allow others to experience my discomfort and embarrassment vicariously), at the pre-screening of “The Polar Express,” an adaptation of the timeless Christmas book by Chris Van Allsburg, Warner Brothers had its […]

“Primer” displays filmmaking mastery

“Primer” (THINKfilm) is a film that, for some time now, has been riding the fame of winning the 2004 Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize. As disgraceful and hollow as that description might seem, that’s most likely how one would quickly describe it in a sentence. In the vein of hollow summation, many eyebrows were […]

Shane Carruth discusses the making of “Primer”

With his debut film “Primer,” which he wrote, directed, edited, scored and starred in, newcomer Shane Carruth proved that for literally no more than a few thousand dollars, a young filmmaker can make an intensely interesting film and win the highest honors at the Sundance Film Festival to boot. The Hatchet recently spoke with Carruth […]