Leah Weinstein

Spring break debauchery a debatable pastime

Most colleges give their students a week off from classes in the spring to forget about the stress of schoolwork and blow off some steam after midterms. As many students packed their bags in March to spend Spring Break 2006 at exotic vacation destinations, some were also planning to leave their inhibitions back at school, […]

Most sexual harassment goes unreported, study says

Widespread sexual harassment among males and females on college campuses goes largely unreported, according to a survey released last month by the American Association of University Women. Almost two thirds of male and female college students interviewed said they have encountered some type of sexual harassment while attending a university, about a third of which […]

U.S. fabricated attack justifying Vietnam War, NSA documents say

New documents released by the National Security Agency last month indicate that advisors in the U.S. government misled top officials about the 1964 military attack in the Gulf of Tonkin. On November 30, the NSA released hundreds of previously classified articles, interviews and intelligence reports about the perceived North Vietnamese attack on Aug. 4, 1964. […]