Leah Carliner

The Royal Treatment

During the month of April, there’s only one place that a girl can be seen without her makeup. Ladies can get primped and powdered at the Knight Spa, hosted on Thursday and Friday nights at the Erwin Gomez Salon & Spa in Georgetown on Wisconsin Avenue. At the social pre-game party, Gomez’s salon provides their […]

Leah Carliner: No longer saving the things left unsaid

There’s nothing like seeing your name in The Hatchet. Nothing. It’s one of the best student papers in the country, it’s read by all of your peers and it’s often sprawled across elevator floors on Sunday mornings by those drunk kids that just can’t keep their hands off of it. The first time I really […]

Date Wanted

When Jackson Trugman couldn’t decide which of his five female friends to take to the Pi Kappa Alpha formal this weekend he told them to apply. And this is 2008. So he created Not Your Normal Formal blogspot, a site asking girls to explain why he should choose them to go to the overnight event […]

Thurston’s sex life

It doesn’t take much to make a freshman giggle. The simple mention of sex and Thurston in the same sentence seems to do the trick. Once rumored to be the second most sexually active dorm in the country, Thurston’s notoriety as a sex colony is hard to shake, despite the falsity of the urban legend. […]

Runners go the distance…in ribbon dancing

As a member of the cross-country team, Keith Moody is used to performing in front of a crowd, but when he stood up on the stage of the Dorothy Betts Theater wearing a woman’s bathing suits, and holding dancing ribbons, he said the experience was totally different. “We’re used to sports and racing. It was […]

Guys tell all: REAL conversations get real personal

For all of the unreachable men, for all of the misread signals, for all of the sleazy pickup lines, the GW women who attended Tuesday night’s REAL Conversation had a thing or two to ask. “If I find out that you’ve slept with so many people, what makes you think I want to touch you?” […]

Parking it somewhere new

With high-priced cover charges and trendy fashions, the nightlife on K Street makes for a specific breed of college students who put on their Thursday-night-best for an evening of drinking and dancing into the wee hours of the morning. GW students flock to the lounges that speak to them best, but with the opening of […]

Get a hot body for hot weather

For guys, there is only one must-have accessory for the beaches on spring break this year: a hot body. With the countdown getting close, Patrick Rahm, a personal trainer at Lerner Health and Wellness Center, said that a crash workout is never a good idea. With less than two months until spring break, you may […]

Nude scene causes student theater strife

Claude, a young man who has been drafted to serve in the Vietnam War, stands center stage in the GW production of “Hair” as a bright light shines upon him. The audience is frozen in his thoughts as he waffles between going to war or remaining in a hippie counterculture in New York City. Six […]

Taking a candle to religion

December is a particularly bright month and not just because everyone is giving and getting presents. Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa are all holidays that involve lights, so this year, try buying your observant friends a present that they can actually use in the spirit of their holiday – a candle. Christmas candles: Although Christmas trees […]