Lauren Spitzer

Movie: The Queen is back

Bringing Down the House 2 Hatchets With an unlikely duo like Steve Martin and Queen Latifah, both respected actors in their own right, you are bound for success, right? You’ve got star power, so what could possibly go wrong? Oh yeah, the script. Talented actors can only take a film so far when its headed […]

The Bear Neccessities are Back

A new chapter opens in the life of Mowgli and friends, this time filled with original music. Jungle Book 2 lets you “hear the jungle rhythm” while maintaining the “bare necessities” of life. Based upon the Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling, Disney’s animated film the Jungle Book 2, directed by Steve Trenbirth, picks up where […]

Madonna is also still cute

What’s so bad about being stranded on a deserted island with Madonna and a handsome Italian? Guy Ritchie’s remake of the Italian film Swept Away is a romantic drama about two opposite people who are able to transform their passionate hate into love upon realizing money cannot transcend happiness. Filled with underlying allusions about society […]

Reese may be hot, but her movie is not

Once again Reese Witherspoon claims her position as America’s sweetheart. She delivers a more than enjoyable performance in her latest romantic comedy, Sweet Home Alabama. The film’s combination of Reese and her good-looking co-stars may place it in the “chick flick” section, yet the wit and humor of the South drag the movie out of […]

Housing Guide: Off-campus apartments allow freedom

Many sophomores and juniors said the search for off-campus housing for next year is easier than they expected. Students said they began to look for off-campus housing in December and January. After hearing about difficulty finding housing in past years, some said they wanted to start the search early. Students report slightly cheaper prices for […]

Arts: Costner watches career go to the grave

Kevin Costner’s hope to break free from his streak of flopped movies may just have to wait until next time. He doesn’t drink any urine in this one, but Dragonfly (Universal) is still bad because it doesn’t offer anything new, rather it simply piggy-backs on trite film conventions. Costner plays Dr. Joe Darrow a man […]

Streep recounts acting career

Actress Meryl Streep told a sold-out Lisner Auditorium audience Monday night she once thought acting was “not a serious way to spend your life.” Streep talked about her life achievements in film, television and theater at the Smithsonian Associates-sponsored lecture, which also promoted her two new films scheduled for release in 2002. Michael Kahn, director […]