Lauren Katz

A Little Japan: U Street’s authentic cuisine

In Japanese, the word “izakaya” translates to “sit-down sake shop.” And while this restaurant serves over 24 varieties of sake, there is much more to Izakaya Seki than its tasty rice wine. I was lucky enough to score a coveted reservation at the authentic Japanese restaurant near U Street. The restaurant is tucked among townhouses […]

Restaurant Review: The Protein Bar

398 7th St., NW Protein Bar may be for the health-conscious, but it is not a run-of-the-mill restaurant. The eatery’s first D.C. location opened in Penn Quarter last month, and it is planning a Ballston, Va. location that will offer breakfast, lunch and dinner options for every taste palette and lifestyle. When I first walked […]

Welcome Back Guide: Where do I go if I need…

Living in the city, everything you need is within just a few blocks – but it pays to figure out where to find the best deal. The Hatchet has created a go-to guide for buying your basics. Food …a dorm-friendly meal? Go to Trader Joe’s at 25th and L streets. They are notorious for their […]

Hatchet Expat: Saying ‘adios’ to life abroad

I never understood why people refer to cities as if they were human until I left Sevilla, Spain. My feelings toward leaving my newfound home are so complex, it’s as if I am leaving the love of my life. Saying goodbye to my beautiful, comforting and lively city seems more personal than I ever expected. […]

Hatchet Expat: Savoring every moment abroad

It’s hard to believe I’ve been living abroad for more than two months. Seeing my calendar chock-full of weekend trips and important dates makes me realize how precious my time here really is. I feel almost fully adjusted to the Sevillan way of life after realizing that everything here takes significantly longer. From waiting for […]

Restaurant Review: Hill Country Barbecue Market

As the weather starts to cool down, comfort foods, like brisket and macaroni and cheese, begin to heat up. At Hill Country Barbecue Market, you can have these dishes in an atmosphere fit for a college kid. The dining room greets guests with its long, wooden communal-style tables, each clad with a roll of paper […]