Lauren Grady

Students with dual majors decline

Senior Sammy Wong will graduate in May with an unlikely combination of skills after double majoring in environmental studies and dance. He is among the 13 percent of GW students in recent years who have pursued two majors, recently released data show. That figure falls below the rate at top universities nationwide, according to a […]

Librarians trove through Twitter for social media researchers

Correction appended While hashtags and tweets seem to disappear amid the endless torrent of Twitter conversations, the staff at Gelman Library is preserving them for history. Laura Wrubel and Daniel Chudnov, who help run the library’s technology arm, developed a tool, now in its early stages, that gathers data from Twitter to simplify social media […]

University offers teaching training to adjuncts

Part-time professors will be able to secure University funds to improve teaching and professional skills for the first time this month after years of departments providing scattered or scant training. Adjuncts – who make up over 70 percent of GW’s faculty and are sometimes hired abruptly even if they lack teaching backgrounds –can grab up […]