Lauren Emmett

Special CI to introduce displaced to Washington

GW will welcome transfer students from New Orleans universities at a special Colonial Inauguration Thursday, in an effort to introduce students to their temporary home in D.C. The program, which will run from noon to 7:30 p.m. in the Marvin Center’s Hippodrome, will focus on providing new students with information they’ll need during their stay […]

Forty-four CFs added to upperclassman residence halls

Forty-four additional community facilitators will function as the eyes and ears of the University this year in a move that increases supervision in upperclassman residence halls. The Community Living and Learning Center placed additional CFs in City Hall, the Aston, Ivory Tower, New Hall, 1959 E Street, Guthridge Hall and Lafayette Hall. James Kohl, director […]

EMeRG, not an average college job

Senior Adam Gitlin is not your average college student. While his friends may be seen walking around campus going to various parties and social functions, Gitlin can be seen in a white and blue SUV, on his way to a possible medical emergency. “Basically, I have a passion to help people,” said Gitlin, a crew […]

WEB UPDATE: Foggy Bottom becomes summer camp for local children

Posted Thursday, Aug. 4, 12:08 p.m. When it comes to naming programs, GW tends to think outside the box. While other colleges have summer orientation and dormitory residential advisors, GW boasts of Colonial Inaugurations and community facilitators. So it’s probably no surprise that the University’s summer day camp has its own unique name too. GW […]

Engineering student to address classmates

Senior Demetria Tipps introduced the guest speaker at her high school graduation four years ago. But at Sunday’s Commencement ceremony on the Ellipse, Tipps will have a chance to address her graduating peers – and the thousands of friends and family also in attendance. Tipps is the first Commencement student speaker to be chosen from […]

Writing conference honors deceased student

At a writing conference on the first anniversary of former student Hasan Hussain’s death, freshman Saif Inam described his best friend with one word: “revolutionary.” “He expressed to me that he wanted to write against oppressive institutions,” Inam said. “He had radical, new, insane ideas all the time. He refused to budge from his values […]

Professors holding finals before scheduled exam period

Despite recent efforts from the administration to encourage faculty to comply with the final examination scheduling policy, many professors are giving tests early again this year. Some professors continue to ignore the policy prohibiting them from administering final exams before their scheduled exam day unless their class unanimously agrees to change the testing day. Final […]

Applications down 2 percent

Applications to the University are down 2 percent this year after GW received a record number of 20,159 applications last year. The University is not worried about the “slight decline” in applications, Director of Admissions Kathryn Napper wrote in an e-mail. “As the selectivity of GW improves … it is reasonable to predict that more […]

Writing program readies for full implementation

On the first day of class, professor Dennis Schell handed out two different syllabi to students in his abnormal psychology class. Half of the students received a syllabus requiring them to do more writing assignments than their classmates. Several classes this year are part of the Writing in the Discipline program, the second component of […]