L. Asher Corson

Column: Stop the apathy

Each year, the student body struggles with many of the same questions. It’s always the same story. Student organizations need more money. Students want better representation on campus. This year’s Student Association election will be unique because students will directly determine an important SA policy for themselves. The ballot will include one big question: a […]

Column: Joint Election Corruption

With elections around the corner, the student body deserves an election with integrity. So far, the Joint Elections Committee is off to a really bad start. The organization that governs our elections is already eroding confidence in our future elected leaders. At the current rate, we are poised for another election tainted with scandal. Election […]

Column: Student privacy: What a joke

While at GW, you should never forget that you don’t own the facilities that you are using. In the dorms, your personal living space is open for inspection at any time and for almost any reason. In the case that University Police smell the foul wafting of marijuana smoke, GW can search every room on […]

Column: S is for Student Health

At college, the close living quarters, the substance abuse, the sexual contact and the fast food put our physical health at risk. In order for the student body to withstand such a harsh lifestyle, we need a high quality and convenient student health system. We need healthy food, cheap STD testing and safe campus policies. […]

Column: An open letter to President Trachtenberg

President Trachtenberg, As a “stakeholder” in your University, I have some concerns that I want to share with you. I would have come to your office hours, but you only hold them once a month. I would have asked you a question at one of the town hall forums, but my questions were screened out. […]

Column: GW’s Secret Society

It’s not that they don’t like you, you just aren’t invited. It’s not that they don’t trust you, you just aren’t special. Special students at GW get to be members of the Order of the Hippo, our very own secret society. Although the nature of such an organization makes it hard to gather reliable information […]

Column: The scandal association

Why should our student leaders hold their cabinet meetings at J Street with the rest of the peasants? Why should the Student Association President’s staff have to drink water and cola? They put in so much time and effort representing students; what kind of constituents would we be if we didn’t let the SA President […]

Column: SJS: ‘Scab’ Judicial Services

The people making disciplinary decisions on campus are students wearing white gloves and flowing robes. You would be proud to see one of your peers dressed so prominently; I know I am proud just thinking about it. But I am much more embarrassed than proud knowing that these students are not dressed up for Halloween […]

Column: The bloated student government

It was a lovely affair. There was a strict dress code in effect. We had a delicious meal together. We wiped our mouths and spilled our drinks on beautiful linens. There was even a slideshow. If you were drunk, they let you speak. The event was held at the Four Seasons Hotel to celebrate passing […]

Column: The Marvin Center cash cow

Walking off of the elevator on the third floor, I thought I had fallen down the rabbit hole. Swirling flamboyant carpeting, expensive conference rooms and not a student to be seen. In the bathroom, two men in “nice” suits were talking business while they fixed their hair. I knew that I was not in friendly […]