Kyle Spector

Kyle Spector: 4×4: Altering the GW culture

As the administration continues to explore the possibility of switching to a four-by-four curriculum – in which students take four four-credit classes each semester – some serious questions remain about the impact that such a change would have on the character of the University. There are both financial and academic benefits to the four-by-four system. […]

Kyle Spector: The least wonderful time of the year, for some

All Christians should beware: With the relentless attacks on Christmas from the American left, there will soon come a time when it will no longer be socially acceptable or even safe to celebrate Christmas. Holiday cheer will be outlawed, Christmas trees burned and all ornaments smashed. If this sounds ridiculous, that’s because it is. Although […]

Kyle Spector: Something happens here … and no one cares

You’ve met these three before. One is the girl from who-cares-where in the Northeast, so concerned with designer purses and ridiculous shoes (Uggs, pink rainboots, etc.) that she doesn’t have time to involve herself in anything of substance. Another, the guy who always wants to pick a fight with you because you accidentally looked at […]

Kyle Spector: In 2008, we need the truth

President Clinton’s Oval Office sex scandal, for the most part, had few ramifications for the average American. His extramarital affairs brought about important, albeit abstract, questions about the nature of the office of the presidency. It did not, however, cost one American life and in the end little money was spent. During that period, though, […]

Kyle Spector: Toasted bagels and privacy rights

Last week, I made the trek out to Bed, Bath & Beyond in Pentagon City with my roommates to pick up a new toaster oven. The top heating element in our old toaster was broken, and only the undersides of my bagels were getting crisp. For someone like me, who enjoys their bagels so hot […]

Quick View: CFs by the numbers

Students this year are learning to adapt to the impact of the increased numbers of community facilitators living in upperclassman residence halls. While the costs imposed on privacy, freedom and personal responsibility cannot be measured, the baseline dollar impact of the CF increase is quantifiable. 111 community facilitators, including 44 additional CFs this year, with […]

Column: Israeli security, Palestinian failures

There is no doubt in my mind that disengagement from the Gaza strip was an absolute necessity for the future of Israel’s security. The program of dismantling Jewish settlements in occupied territory marks a historic step for both peoples involved – the chance for Palestinians to develop a state while Israelis focus on more important […]

WEB UPDATE: Column: CNN is missing the point

Posted Friday, July 8, 7:00 p.m. Just a few years ago, the word “blog” was known only to those on the cutting edge of technology, or in other words, a bunch of computer nerds with the desire to chronicle their existence in glorified electronic diaries. In no time, however, like most technologies that start out […]

Column: Escape from fantasy land

Before you even arrive at GW, you were bombarded with acronyms, dichotomies and inconsistencies. You are told that “Something happens here,” but when you arrive at Colonial Inauguration to the singing and dancing Colonial Cabinet, you wonder if this is what happens here, and if so, what the hell are you doing here? You couldn’t […]

Column: A new global threat?

Realists rejoice! An expanding, industrializing, authoritarian state is on the rise to counter the United States and usher in either World War III or, at the very least, a second Cold War. As China begins to assert its power in the Asian sphere, policymakers and pundits within the United States have typecast the Chinese as […]