Kyle Spector

Kyle Spector: It’s lonely at the top

It was only four years ago when I first learned to append most of my thoughts about the University with “I’m paying $40,000 a year for this?” Now, incoming freshmen must update their figures in this knee-jerk reaction by GW students to almost any malfunction or absurdity of the University. With the official matriculation price […]

Kyle Spector: From ineptitude to progress

Two things that GW students can count on each fall semester are the arrival of winter and some type of Student Association scandal. Whether it’s sex, money or both, students in the SA traditionally face scandal each November as their limited power and public disinterest combine to engender some rather poor choices among our student […]

GW’s fixed-tuition assurance does not add up

When GW administrators instituted a fixed-tuition plan in 2004, part of their reasoning included the assurance that as other schools perennially increase tuition, GW’s higher initial costs would average out in comparison to those schools. By comparing the tuition prices at some of GW’s “market basket” schools, it’s not clear that this added benefit of […]

Kyle Spector: Club G is back

After avoiding Gelman Library all semester for the relative seclusion of my off-campus apartment, I yielded to my better judgment on Monday night to camp out for a few hours in the fifth floor study room. I wanted to get ahead in some of my classes with midterms looming. Unfortunately, after an hour of studying, […]

Kyle Spector: Drink, vomit, hospital

Walking home late one Saturday night, I noticed a large gathering of what appeared to be my fellow classmates, mostly drunk, crowding around an ambulance and the EMeRG suburban. I spotted a friend. “Yo, this girl passed out on the curb, so we called EMeRG,” he informed me. Piecing together the rest of the information […]

Kyle Spector: 001s and 175s: Course numbers cause confusion

“Who in here is a senior?” The professor poses the question to the entire class. Ten hands shoot up. “Any juniors?” Again, a similar response “Freshmen or sophomores?” This time, realizing that they were the minority, the respondents hesitantly raise their hands and take on rather timid expressions. “Ahh, you all shouldn’t really be here. […]

Kyle Spector: An even bigger name than SJT

Stephen Joel Trachtenberg is a fairly big name. Literally, it’s long. It’s a mouthful – 23 letters to be exact. If I made everyone say my middle name whenever referring to me in a speech or in print, it would amount to only a paltry 18 letters. As GW’s president for the past 18 years, […]

Kyle Spector: Ask yourself: “What am I doing here?”

For incoming freshmen, the hardest part of college is now over. They’ve applied to and were accepted to THE George Washington University, and really, they should be proud of that accomplishment. As they wade through the glitz and glamour of Colonial Inauguration, they should enjoy this brief stint in the fantasyland of orientation, but also […]

Kyle Spector: Remember the small stuff

As the class of 2006 faced their last final exams this week and last, there was a noticeable lack of pristine study space available. For students, a lack of physical space to study in can have a significant impact on their perception of GW’s educational quality. Some intrepid students took up finals residence to study […]