Kyle Landman

Penetrating real sex education

The mechanics of transsexual intercourse are not likely taught in a high school sex class, but it was a hot topic on 19th Street last week. Students gathered in the Mitchell Hall Theater Monday night to discuss the minutiae of sex with a panel of experts. Door prizes included lubricant, vibrators, sex toys and a […]

What’s the deal with…the ninth-floor elevator in New Hall?

Taking an elevator to the ninth floor of New Hall is not as easy as it would seem for a relatively new building with three working elevators. That’s because only two of them make stops on the top floor. “I didn’t even realize there was a ninth floor for a quite a long time,” eighth-floor […]

Dazzle your Razumé

Sam Blum was only an undergraduate at GW when he started giving career advice to friends and correcting their résumés. Now Blum, a 2006 graduate, has taken his knack for navigating the job hunt and turned it into something everyone can use. In December, Blum launched the Web site Razumé.com, where users can post their […]

Students advocate for education change in India

Sophomore Seeta Menon knows the importance of education – not just because she is pursing her own undergraduate degree, but also because she has met others who will never get that opportunity. Menon is a member of the GW chapter of Asha for Education, which is dedicated to bringing socio-economic change in India through the […]

After-hours quizzing sessions

By day, senior Bren Belovarac spends his time taking classes to graduate with a major in Japanese language and literature. But by night he is hard at work learning facts that won’t help him pass his Japanese midterm – but that is exactly why he does it. Belovarac is the president of the GW Quiz […]

What’s the deal with… Milk and cookies?

If you give a student a cookie, he is going to ask for a glass of milk. Then he’s probably going to want some books and maybe even a red sofa to lounge in on the sixth floor – or at least that’s what GW’s library staff would like to think. Milk and Cookies is […]

The art of storytelling

JONESBOROUGH, Tenn. — Step inside any of the large circus-like tents scattered across this Southern town and you might find yourself magically transported into the dynamic worlds of fairy tales and scary mountain lore, legends of medieval knights and backporch Southern humor. Mixed in with the jargon of Southern tongue and hillbilly laughter is a […]