Kristi Roberts

Gender wage discrimination can’t be explained, Iowa study says

The gender gap in the salaries of professors is partially unexplainable, according to a study by a professor of higher education at the University of Iowa. Before Paul D. Umbach adjusted for factors that might skew the sample such as benefits accrued from seniority, outside support for research and demand for professors in individual disciplines, […]

‘Gospel of Judas’ discovery intrigues Biblical scholars

For centuries, Christians have followed the New Testament Gospels of the Apostles Mark, Mathew, Luke and John – but what about Judas? Recently the discovery of what historians and theologians are calling the Gospel of Judas has caused a stir in the Christian community. The Gospel was found in Egypt in the early 1970s and […]

Spring sunshine has students thinking ‘fit’

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Samantha Spino rolls out of bed at 6 am, puts on a T-shirt and stretch pants, grabs her University of Md. ID and drags herself next door – to the Campus Recreation Center. “I like working out in the morning,” Spino said. “There’s hardly anyone there so there’s no wait for […]

Segways the latest trend among campus police forces

It’s still rare to see a student or professor gliding to class on a Segway Human Transporter, but soon the self-balancing, battery-powered scooters may be common fare among campus police. Drexel University, Loyola University of New Orleans, University of Nevada at Reno, Worchester Polytechnic and Duke University have all bought Segways for their police forces. […]