Kip Lornell

Kip Lornell: A spurious argument for the courts

As the result of an election overseen by the National Labor Relations Board in October 2004, GW’s part-time faculty voted to have Service Employees International Union Local 500 represent adjuncts in collective bargaining with the University. Following the election, GW’s administration challenged the vote’s validity and thus the outcome – charges that were found not […]

Kip Lornell and Jim Levy: Lehman’s mistakes

Last semester the National Labor Relations Board certified that SEIU Local 500 won the election to bargain collectively on behalf of the University’s approximately 1,200 part-time faculty. Now the University refuses to bargain with us because, as Vice President Donald Lehman contends in a September 1, 2005 letter addressed to the part-time faculty, “The University […]