Kimberly A. Castro

Exhibit pays homage to benefactor of National Gallery

Somewhere along the line in our search for truth.many people seem to have forgotten the purpose of pleasure, of the simple enjoyment of simple things in their daily lives, Paul Mellon said in 1964. What we often really need is an hour alone to dream, to contemplate, or simply to feel the sun. A memorial […]

Wu-Tang Clan remains true to form on latest release

A fierce warrior grips a tri-sectional stick high above his head. His eyes are like sharp black holes and visible strength ripples through his bulging muscles. His stance is that of a whooping crane ready to fly as he balances with ease on one leg, encircled by a blazing inferno. He is eerily calm. Mind […]

Mob Hit

New York’s most powerful gangster becomes the new head of his crime family. The Feds want him out. The leader of another family wants him dead. Analyze This (Warner Bros.) purposely pushes all the Hollywood mobster clich?s but adds a comedic twist. The result is a surprisingly heart-warming film with fresh, witty writing. Analyze This […]

Busta Rhymes’ album rehashes old themes

Tired of hearing about the millennium? Too bad. Busta Rhymes’ third solo album, Extinction Level Event (Elektra), provides another surmise about the year 2000, as if audiences didn’t get the apocalyptic warnings of his other platinum solo albums, The Coming and When Disaster Strikes. By continually pumping out albums with redundant themes, Busta Rhymes seemingly […]