Kim Sels

Forbidden Planet fuses comedy and tragedy

Forbidden Planet Production introduces “To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday,” a play that deals with death, grief and, as director Michelle Coyle puts it, the idea of, “celebrating someone else’s life by living your own,” on Thursday. The play is no pick-me-up after a stressful week, but it offers a touching story, particularly for anyone […]

Stars suffer movie massacre

Watching The Company Man (Paramount Classics) is like being in English and international affairs hell. Although film offers a star-studded cast, including Woody Allen, John Turturro, Alan Cumming and Sigourney Weaver, it largely fails to entertain. The Company Man follows events after the 1959 Cuban Revolution, led by the infamous Fidel Castro. The film takes […]

Foreign romance kills the Mood

In the mood for a long night? Director Wong Kar-Wai’s new film, In the Mood for Love (USA Films), is as slow as it is cryptic. Starring two of China’s leading entertainers, Tony Leung (The Doctor) as Chow Mo-Wan and Maggie Cheung (Sausilito) as Su Li-Zhen, the film tells the tale of two ordinary people […]