Kim Pierce

Grad produces mockumentary

Sure, GW has the Elliott School for International Affairs and a massive political science department pumping out government employees by the dozen. What about the other departments? Darren Goldberg, a partner at 7th Floor Productions in Manhattan and a graduate of the Electronic Media program, is distributing his newest film, “Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story.” […]

‘Hill’ far from frightening

We’re on the cusp of the summer movie season, and the studios can taste it. Just look at the way they’re marketing some of the films coming out in the next few weeks. The trailer for “Silent Hill,” the newest release from director Christophe Gans (“Brotherhood of the Wolf”), makes the movie look like one […]

WEB EXTRA: ‘Take the Lead’ finishes last

One might experience an extreme sense of d?j? vu while watching New Line Cinema’s “Take the Lead,” as it seems to be a mixture of “Dangerous Minds,” “Save the Last Dance,” “Coach Carter” and “Dead Poets Society,” with a dash of “Welcome Back Kotter” and “The White Shadow” thrown in. In her newest film, director […]

WEB EXTRA: ‘Failure to Launch’ struggles to stay afloat

Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big meet again . well almost. Director Tom Dey would like to believe that hilarity ensues in the boy-meets-girl, boy-loses-girl comedy “Failure to Launch,” but that’s not always the case. In Paramount Pictures newest film “Failure to Launch,” Trip (Matthew McConaughey), is a handsome, successful, commitment-phobic playboy who is still living […]

‘Underworld’ is underwhelming

In a season that has brought holiday moviegoers such award-winning films as “Brokeback Mountain,” “King Kong” and “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” Evolution Effects Studio’s newest film, “Underworld Evolution,” directed by Len Wiseman, seems to be thoroughly outranked and outclassed by its box office competition in this important month […]

A breast above the rest: ‘Mrs. Henderson presents’

Dame Judi Dench and nudity are two subjects that have probably never been uttered in the same sentence before. However, in his newest film “Mrs. Henderson Presents” (BBC Films), director Stephen Frears (“High Fidelity”) manages to connect the two, with crowd-pleasing results. Laura Henderson (Dench) is a recently widowed woman living in Britain during the […]

‘The Weather Man’ is mostly sunny

The world of network news has been explored in movies, like “Network,” or “Up Close and Personal,” but weathermen always seem to be lost in the rush. However, in Paramount Pictures’ new film “The Weather Man,” directed by Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean), the often forgotten and unrecognized weatherman is finally given his due. […]

‘Flightplan’ Stays On Course

There is one thing I learned from Imagine Entertainment’s “Flightplan” – don’t mess with Jodie Foster. “Flightplan” is the first major motion picture from German director Robert Schwentke, and he tackles the incredibly tricky task of staging a full-scale, action-packed thriller in the confining space of an airliner. However, the featured aircraft is a “2474,” […]