Kim Dresdale

Student Advantage’s big deal

The days of watching mom and dad sit over the Sunday paper and clip coupons seem to be over. With technology thriving in the past few years, coupons now come in the form of discount member cards. Safeway, T.G.I. Fridays and even gas stations all have their own discount member cards. The Student Advantage takes […]

Functioning with fears

They are the monsters in the closet. They are the shadows lurking behind the bushes. They are the thoughts that invade our mind and cause our hearts to beat faster. They are our fears, and whether they are rational or not, everyone has them. “I’m really afraid of bees, things that fly, also roaches,” senior […]

SPOTLIGHT: SBPM student wins AAF recognition

GW senior Erika Emeruwa is an all-around excellent marketing student with amazing promise in advertising. Her talent did not slip by the American Advertising Federation, which recognized her as one of the “Most Promising Minority Students of 2001” last week. Considering Emeruwa’s impressive credentials, it is no surprise that the AAF chose her as one […]

Passing the time

Stamp and penny collecting, woodworking and scrapbook making usually come to mind when people think about hobbies. More unique hobbies can get lost in the clutter of coins, paste and pictures – but they do exist. Some GW students dare to diverge from the norm to pursue their interests on the side. Many people are […]

MVC program lacks applicants

A lack of interest in the new GW World Community study abroad program, which requires students to live at the Mount Vernon Campus, has forced the University to extend the application deadline a month past the original Feb. 12 date, MVC Executive Dean Grae Baxter said. GW officials created the program last month after they […]