Kevin Frey

Graduate students test new alcohol policy

The University began testing changes to its alcohol policy last week, tweaking the number of sober monitors required at graduate student organization events that serve alcohol. Permanent changes to the policy – including event registration procedures and Responsible Alcohol Management training – are expected to roll out next spring, a top University official said Friday. […]

Students applying to more colleges

Interest in colleges nationwide is prompting high school students to send out more applications, likely boosting the University’s selectivity. The National Association for College Admission Counseling reported that 25 percent of college applicants submitted seven or more applications, up from 23 percent the year before, marking a decade-long national pattern of high school students applying […]

New policy sees fewer expulsions, penalties

Incidents of expulsion and suspension were cut in half last academic year, a decrease University administrators attribute to a more flexible alcohol policy. Fourteen students were suspended and four were expelled during the 2010-2011 academic year, according to data compiled by the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities – the offshoot of Student Judicial Services […]

University standardizes alcohol violation consequences

The University standardized common alcohol violations last week through an elaborate series of flow charts that outline punishments for common college-age offenses including hosting parties and hospital transports. Many first time offenses – such as underage possession and consumption of alcohol – are now more likely to result in a peer-to-peer meeting and an administrative […]