Kevan Duve

Movie industry to sue file-sharers

Hundreds of Internet users, including college students, may be subject to lawsuits beginning Tuesday from the Motion Picture Association of America for illegally downloading movies. The MPAA has already sent out cease and desist orders to tens of thousands of suspected downloaders, including some GW students, University officials said. The suits are the latest development […]

GW plans for emergencies

Unbeknownst to most students and faculty, GW administrators have simulated 10 emergency situations over the last two years to test the University’s ability to respond to disasters. Starting in early 2003, GW began a series of exercises based on actual events that could occur in Foggy Bottom, the District or elsewhere in the country. The […]

Committee will investigate Social Security use

Administrators are forming a task force to explore alternatives to using Social Security numbers as the University’s means of identifying students. The move comes on the heels of a Federal Trade Commission report naming D.C. the city with the greatest amount of consumer fraud and the 18-29 age group as the most at-risk demographic for […]

House passes gun bill

The House of Representatives passed a bill Wednesday that would eliminate virtually all of the District’s gun restrictions. The bill, titled the D.C. Personal Protection Act, would repeal a ban on handguns and semiautomatic weapons put into place by the D.C. City Council in 1976. Passed by a 250-171 vote, the bill would also relax […]

AU president fights Web site

American University President Benjamin Ladner is challenging a student-run news Web site that uses his name in its address and criticizes his administration. The site,, was launched in December 2001 as an outlet for former AU student Ben Wetmore’s frustrations with Ladner and other university officials. Last month, Ladner filed a complaint with the […]