Kelsey Rohwer

Kelsey Rohwer: Facebook: the frenemy

There is no doubting that we all love Facebook. Our love of Facebook comes from our love of sharing, and on Facebook, everything from pictures to our relationship status is up for grabs. As college students, we have never really questioned the idea that it’s just our friends we are updating with this information. But […]

Kelsey Rohwer: Dating Don Draper

It’s Thursday, meaning that for students who don’t have Friday classes, and for many of those who do, tonight is the start of the weekend. This coming weekend marks the third of the fall semester. That’s right, guys and gals. there have only been three. And I have one question for you: If you can […]

Kelsey Rohwer: Sometimes it’s nice to hear no

I distinctly remember the first time that I was told no after returning home from college. It was winter break and my friend Kasey, whom I hadn’t seen since last summer, was having a party. I asked my parents if I could go and they responded, point blank, “No.” I’m pretty sure that my mouth […]

Kelsey Rohwer: GW needs to sweat the small stuff

I often fear for my life as I embarrassingly teeter on the stones outside Funger and Duques. I feel like I am going to fall through the earth. This is not okay. Most of the University’s issues brought up by GW students and The Hatchet are substantial and take some time to fix. But in […]

Kelsey Rohwer: Exploring Pelham’s positives

It is becoming quite clear that the only – and I mean only – problem with GW’s newest residence hall, Pelham, is that it is on the Vern. If Pelham nested more conveniently in Foggy Bottom, students would be selling their BlackBerrys on the street if it meant they could live there. But truthfully, a […]

Kelsey Rohwer: Fewer fees please

Attending GW has many perks, including the remarkable city, local access to uniquely prestigious internships and research opportunities, and accomplished and knowledgeable professors. But perhaps the greatest perk for students is the DVD-rental program at Eckles Library on the Mount Vernon campus. Just like taking out books, students who live on Mount Vernon can take […]

Kelsey Rohwer: Smoking it out

Starting today, the University of Kentucky is a tobacco-free place. Members of the UK community aren’t alone. In 2007, 43 college campuses were smoke-free. Now that number is closer to 60. It’s time for GW to follow suit. Smoking cigarettes is unlike any other vice. Most vices are exclusive to the perpetrator, but smoking is […]

Kelsey Rohwer: Don’t wait for Prince Charming

Two strangers meet on the dance floor. They share a song, falling in love in the process. The next day they get married… or something like that. Sounds like a typical Vegas shotgun wedding right? Actually, it’s the synopsis of the classic Disney movie Cinderella. At the royal ball, Cinderella and Prince Charming do not […]