Kelsey Renz

The Hatchet’s Gift Guide: What techies, foodies and D.C. lovers want

The pressure is on at the end of the semester thanks to more than just final exams — it’s time to face the daunting task of buying gifts for friends and family. Whether you’re shopping for the family members who always has the latest iPhone, the music enthusiast with a penchant for obscure bands or the wild card friend, get inspiration from The Hatchet’s gift guide.

What’s the deal with Raise High?

It’s a phrase emblazoned on campus billboards and attached to Twitter hashtags, seemingly as vague as it is ubiquitous. But does anyone even know what “Raise High” means? “Raise High is universal. No matter who you are, where you are, what you do, as Colonials, we raise high. We Raise High in D.C., back home […]

What’s The Deal With…The Sculpture Behind Post Hall?

Behind Post Hall is a pile of rusty, reddish brown scrap metal. But the flat, angular metal pieces of abstract art represent the mountains and majestic landscape of its namesake, a rural Vermont town called Pownal. The piece, created by an artist named Isaac Witkin in 1975, was donated to the University anonymously in 2008. […]

What’s the Deal With: The Free Mandela plaque in Kogan Plaza?

When walking through Kogan Plaza, you may notice a cement plaque among the planted greenery and brick paths. It reads, somewhat illegibly, “Free Mandela.” Officially known as the Nelson Mandela Historic Sidewalk Slab, the block of cement is “a tribute to our students’ passion for justice,” Assistant Vice President for District of Columbia Relations and […]