Kelly Brand

Slice of Life: A note from First Semester

I know at this point you’re “so over” me, but before you go home for Thanksgiving then dive into finals, I just wanted to drop you a line. I would be remiss to pack up and make room for Second Semester without reflecting on our time together.

Slice of Life: The dichotomy of a summer in D.C.

Students who stay in D.C. develop a silent understanding that summer on and around campus has a dual purpose: partying and laying low, a mixture not often found during the academic year but that somehow comes together for three hot, muggy months.

Slice of Life: Seduced by spring break

Spring Break is that tease at the party. Spring break knows how to lead you on with its sexy pinã coladas and it’s early morning nightcaps on the beach. Spring Break taunts you with the warm sun, its freedom, its social acceptance of significant amounts of group binge drinking. Spring Break is your dream partner because suddenly your life is harmoniously sunburnt, and you’re ecstatic about it.