Kelley Rowe

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Fraternity raises funds for MLK statue

With dozens of monuments scattered across the District, no black American has been honored with a monument the way Lincoln, Washington or Roosevelt have. But Martin Luther King Jr. will soon be the first when a memorial in his name is constructed to commemorate his efforts in the civil rights movement. In 1998, President Clinton […]

Cold war class to include ex-President

Professor Maurice East will use his political connections to offer a foreign policy class with former President George Bush as a guest lecturer one last time next semester. The class, taught in conjunction with a class at the Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University over the internet, will be offered […]

Students stress over exams

Drowning in a sea of poor midterm grades and swamped with reading to finish before finals, some students may give up hope for their GPAs. But University counselors say it is not too late to “save your semester” through hard work and determination. While some students diligently make flash cards before every test, others find […]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Siegman recomends community service

Greg Forbes Siegman used a dirty milkshake glass to illustrate how simply “taking a walk” can lead to success in a speech to about 30 students Thursday evening. The “Milkshake Man,” who claims to have sold a $5,000 milkshake to the owner of Nordstrom, spoke about his life story that has won him a National […]

Israeli expert explains suicide terrorism

Israeli terrorism expert Ariel Merari told GW students Thursday the organization of Middle Eastern terrorist groups, not religious fanaticism, was the key to executing the Sept. 11 attacks. Merari, head of Tel Aviv University’s political violence studies department, discussed the dangerous nature of suicide terrorists in a lecture at Hillel with about 60 students, including […]

Congressman advocates military action

Rep. Bob Barr (R-Ga.) said terrorists groups such as the Taliban bear a resemblance to Nazis and should be punished, but he warned of limits on civil liberties in the fight on terrorism Tuesday night in the Alumni House. The GW College Republicans hosted Barr, a conservative lawmaker who represents Georgia’s seventh congressional district. Barr […]

GW walks for AIDS cure

About 300 GW students put on their walking shoes Saturday morning and braved drizzly conditions to participate in the 15th annual AIDS Walk Washington on the National Mall. The students comprised the largest team in the five-kilometer event, which drew 10,000 people. Together, the students alone raised more than $5,000 for the Whitman-Walker clinic. Senior […]

DNC chairman addresses CDs

Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe discussed the importance of upcoming elections and the need for non-partisan politics in the wake of terrorist attacks on America Tuesday with GW students. Three GW College Democrats made the trip to DNC headquarters for a political rally. Junior Miriam Epstein, events director of the CDs, said the trip […]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: SJT helps promote government jobs

University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg will serve as a link to students as part of a new organization called the Partnership for Public Service, which hopes to recruit college students for government jobs. Trachtenberg will sit on the board of the non-partisan organization begun this year to combat government “brain drain” – a lack of […]