Keith O'Neil

The JEC’s `monumental mistakes’

There has been an extraordinary level of focus on the activities of the Joint Elections Committee this year, which there rightly ought to be. However, do not let one broken institution draw your attention away from the others. This year’s student government elections are indicative of the problems that have plagued our so-called campus leadership […]

Lots of money, but little accountability

The Jan. 28 issue of The GW Hatchet reported the Program Board lost almost $45,000 on its attempt last semester to provide campus-wide programming by hosting a concert at the Smith Center featuring Blues Traveler (“PB scales down programs after $45,000 concert loss,” p. 1). The Program Board is the most elaborate and extravagant student-run […]

SA needs to prove itself to students

Recently, public debate over the purpose and function of the Student Association, specifically the Senate, has resumed. These attacks on the Senate are not unfounded and are quite valid. So far this year, the accomplishments of the Senate, the most significant branch of the SA, have been nominal. The Senate, however, continues to discredit itself […]

Clinton attack on terrorist targets demonstrates U.S. policy failure

The United States took drastic measures recently when it launched a cruise missile strike against terrorist camps in Afghanistan. Following the attack, President Clinton claimed the United States had struck back at terrorists allegedly responsible for bombing two U.S. embassies in Africa, killing more than 260 people. Clinton added that the strike was necessary to […]