Katrina Lang

Arts: Serendipity offers impressive story

New Miramax release Serendipity evokes all the emotions that come to mind when the title crosses one’s lips: it’s cute, charming and almost magical. Stars John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale take their chances with destiny in the film, and the result is a romantic comedy about life’s happy accidents. Attraction hits main characters Jonathan (Cusack) […]

King story tugs at heartstrings

Hearts in Atlantis tells a story of friendship showing the trials involved in growing up. Such themes may seem simple and generic, but the majestic presentation of these themes in the new film give it an enduring quality – endearing it to its audience. The death of a childhood friend brings Bobby Garfield (David Morse) […]

Eastern fighting style revamps The Musketeer

Eastern and Western fighting styles collide in the new acrobatic version of the Alexandre Dumas’ story, “The Three Musketeers.” The result is comparable to watching Jackie Chan with a sword and a French accent. The Musketeer (Universal Pictures) takes the traditional tale and adds a twist of fancy footwork. Gymnastic battles add just enough spice […]

Arts: Clubbin’ D.C. style

So it’s Friday night, and every stairwell and wall at GW is covered with bright looking flyers, proclaiming that the party of the century is going down and you have to be there. The problem, of course, is that every flyer for every club says basically the same thing. So The Hatchet set out to […]

Movie drives action genre to new level of mediocrity

Driven boasts a nonstop string of action and car crashes that look almost as painful as it feels sitting through two hours of the film’s corny storyline and excessive cleavage shots. Sylvester Stallone plays Joe Tanto, a former racecar driver lured back by Carl Henry (Burt Reynolds) to help a rookie in a rough spot. […]

Barenaked Ladies tread water on latest release

The Barenaked Ladies’ latest album, Maroon, brings together the whimsical and the gloomy. This forms the manic-depressive style that the Ladies are famous for. This style, however, comes off dry by this, their fifth album. While Maroon is consistent with the band’s signature style, it lacks innovation. The singles Pinch Me and Falling For The […]